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Oscar Leon and Jessica LoPresti met while working at the Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt Amrany  located on Chicago's North shore in Highwood. Throughout the years at the studio, they each gained valuable experience in a multitude of areas including fabricating armatures, realistic sculpting of portraits and larger-than-life size figures, mold making, managing of projects from inception to installation, and teaching classes for adults and children.

Oscar’s creative technical problem solving skills proved to be an asset while working with other artists and bronze foundries.  In 2010, Sculpture Resource was created to provide efficient technical systems for creating statues and sculptures.




Sculpture Resource is a commission-based sculpting studio and full service provider. We apply our specialized knowledge and skills to all steps of the sculpture making process from the initial design concept to the installation of the completed artwork.


We are the technical hands for the creative mind.  We are professional artists and artisans, with a vast array of skills and a passion for producing high-quality work.  

Our clients include patrons of the arts looking to commission custom artwork for public or private collections, clients needing repair or restoration of existing sculptural objects as well as professional sculptors & artists looking for assistance for their projects.


Oscar Leon


Jessica LoPresti


Oscar León, the founder of Sculpture Resource, has grown up with a lifelong deep appreciation of the arts.  At age eighteen, he began to study oil painting technique at the Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Art in Chicago as well as figurative sculpture and stone carving with artist and sculptor Susan Clinard. During this time, Oscar established a foundation of sculpting skills along with an understanding of human anatomy.  He also ventured into learning the trades of welding and metal fabrication at the Evanston Art Center, in Evanston,Il, which would provide the foundation necessary for fabricating armatures in the years to come.   


In 2001, Oscar continued his studies with sculptors Omri Amrany and Julie Rotblatt-Amrany of the Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt Amrany where he began sculpting professionally at age 24. Here, Oscar worked on challenging public art projects as an individual and as a team member as well as teaching at the studio's art colony.  In addition to sculpting, Oscar was responsible for the armature fabrication and mold making of hundreds of sculptures. In an effort to continuously improve, Oscar completed a pre-med anatomy curriculum at Cortiva Institute in Chicago. 


Jessica has over 25 years experience in a variety of artistic disciplines, beginning with painting and drawing during her high school years. She went on to receive a Bachelors of Arts from DePaul University, majoring in Psychology and Studio Art, and then a Masters in Social Work, specializing in Mental Health, from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  After a couple of years serving in the social work field, she returned to her passion and founded a decorative painting company where she created murals, high-end finishes and custom oil paintings for clients in the Chicago area and Naples, Florida.


She continued studies in figure painting and sculpture at the Palette & Chisel Art Academy, the Art Center in Highland Park, and at the Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt Amrany, where she worked as the manager, a mold maker, and a lead sculptor. In 2012, Jessica received her Masters of Science in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University, establishing a background in graphic and digital design.

For over 17 years, Jessica has worked with Oscar on a variety of projects, including the development of public art installations and large-scale figurative sculpture, as well as creating the molds and castings for numerous artists around Chicago.

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