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Bronze Restoration at Navy Pier

Sculpture Resource was honored to restore a bronze plaque dedicated to the US Merchant Marines who perished during World War II. The 40" x 30" plaque is located on the easternmost point of the AON Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier.

Before & After photos of restoration

As you can see in the Before photo above, the surface of the bronze had oxidized which resulted in a green patina that washed out the details of the plaque. We started the process by cleaning the bronze with soap and water. Then, we applied a chemical degreaser to remove the surface patina. After thoroughly cleaning the piece and letting it dry, a hot Liver of Sulfur patina was administered and the bronze was then resurfaced to bring out the highlights. Finally, the bronze was sealed with a layer of lacquer and two coats of wax.

Our client was quite pleased with the result and shared these words:

"Your hard work contributes to honor the men of the US Merchant Marines, who sacrificed their lives in great numbers during WWII. Often unarmed and unescorted, their ships were prime targets of the enemy due to their cargo of supplies. (And, the govt doesn't recognize them as official veterans.)

They are a generation nearly entirely gone, and, they deserve to be honored by great work, which you've done here." - Tom of LGI Supply

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