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How We Work

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Learn more about our process of creating a bronze sculpture from the design stage to the final installation of the sculpture.

Every sculpture commission starts with a vision - an idea. Typically when a client contacts us, he or she already has the subject matter in mind whether it be a tribute, memorial, or monument dedicated to a person or commemorating a significant anniversary or an event. Some of the topics we will address during our initial conversation include:

Location: Where will the sculpture be installed? Interior or exterior location?

Type: Will the sculpture be a bas relief or a three dimensional artwork? Will it be interactive with an audience?

Size: What is the size of the sculpture? Is it a life-sized/larger-than-life sized figure or a traditional bust?

Material: What material will the sculpture be comprised of (Bronze, stainless steel, wood, etc...)?

Base: Will the sculpture be mounted on a pedestal or base?

Timeframe: Is there a specific deadline or unveiling date for the project?

Budget/Funding: Do you have a budget in mind? Is there funding set aside for the project or will fundraising be necessary? (We will provide you with the average costs of various types of sculpture projects.)

Project Team: Who will be the point of contact throughout the project? Is there a committee or commission that will be a part of the process?

As a commission moves forward and we have been in communication to understand your vision, goals, and needs for this project, we will create a proposal and contract. Upon agreement, our graphic designer will create digital renderings of various sculpture concepts. Once the design is finalized, our artists begin the sculpting process.

First, an armature system is custom fabricated and the clay foundation is built up to a basic cubistic form (2-3 weeks). The clay is then refined to a pre-detailing stage (3-4 months depending on size). Once the details are finished and the client approves the clay, the mold process starts (2 weeks). With the mold completed, the foundry work begins. The art of casting bronze for a life size figure generally takes two to three months for a finished piece. The final stage of the process is installation of the artwork at the client's location. Customarily, our clients will hold a celebratory unveiling of the artwork on a date of their choice.

The average timeframe for a life sized figure from start to finish is between 10 and 12 months although it is possible for a lesser timeframe. Commissions for anniversaries, historical events and memorials are generally planned at least a year in advance.

Contact us today. We would love to talk to you about your project.

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